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ir. Dennis Dielissen

UX/IT consultancy & development

To see how an experience enchants people is what drives me to keep innovating, every single day.

  • MSc. Innovation Sciences Recently graduated engineer with a broad education in psychology, entrepreneurship, behavioural research methods, and computer science.

  • Web development I have been teaching myself programming languages from the age of 10. Over the years the size and complexity of my projects grew along with my professional development.

  • Guest experiences Ever since my youth I have been passionate about the leisure industry. I would love nothing more than to improve guest experiences by means of modern technologies.
  • Websites & web shops Tailor made websites and web shops for various industries, including retail, leisure, healthcare, and science.
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  • Software & tools Nowadays, anything is possible. Projects include CRM systems, research tools, and a CMS that is said to be more user-friendly than any mainstream solution.
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  • Narrowcasting At Heesen Yachts's shipyard, visitors and employees enjoy an overview of Heesen yachts around the world. Inside supermarkets at Roompot resorts, guests are informed about opening hours, package deals, and other promotions.

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Websites & web shops

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Software & tools

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  • CRM • Luxury yachts Based on observations of after-sales employees and interviews with yacht crew members, I designed and developed a digital collaboration platform that enhances the communication between after-sales and the crew.

  • Research • Shop simulator For a PhD project on decision making processes in energy saving behaviour, I developed a web shop simulator. The tool acts like a real web shop and is the ideal mix between experimental and real-life environments.

  • CRM • Language education A CRM suitable for private language and integration education did not exist. Therefore, together we designed and developed one from scratch, fully tailored to their personal preferences and the constantly changing law.

  • CMS • Simply usable I've developed a content management system focused on simplicity and direct-manipulation of content, so one can see what they really get. The CMS is often found to be easier than mainstream solutions like WordPress.

  • Various other projects Over the years I developed various other platforms and tools, including a teacher evaluation system for Fontys, a website for obituaries, and a system to keep track of participants of a local promotional campaign by KPN.

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